The Imperfectionist

Perfection appeals to all

At least that is what they all show

But what about those imperfect souls

Who look for perfection in imperfection

Who find beauty in the cracks and scars

They never expect to see every stroke of a brush in the right place

Rather, every stroke of brush in the most unexpected place on the canvas

Because that perfect portrait can be created by an amateur with practice

But that unique piece can only be created by an imperfection-ist

Who’s work is influenced by his heart and not by the desire to be appreciated

By the society which looks at it with only its eyes.

Try, dearest, try to see

What the eye can’t, but the heart can

Try to see, how all the wrong strokes are actually the right ones

And all the imperfection

Is just perfection in disguise.


The sun might just shine the brightest,

But it is the moon which lights up the dark, even with its scars.

-C ❤




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