Follow It.

Sometimes when I’m on my bed, ready to go off to sleep, I think. Because obviously, you become the most curious and knowledgeable person in this world when you have to sleep. But that’s another thing.

I think about how the society works. You’re a kid, you go to school, go to college, get a degree, earn money and live. For the first 20+ years of your life, you study to have a good life. For the rest of your life, you get a job, earn money and grow old. So what is the purpose of life? We’re just here, trying to earn money and buy stuff for ourselves and then eventually die and leave all that to decay. That’s temporary happiness, I guess, because eventually, you do get bored of stuff.

We aren’t here to just pay bills and lead our lives with materialistic things. The sole objective in lives of most of the inviduals is to get a degree, a job, money, a house and settle down. This term though- ‘settle down’. What does it even mean? Does it mean ‘get a house of your own and live’? Does it mean ‘have a nice family and all luxuries of life’? I don’t know what it means, honestly. How it is interpreted, is a mystery. I’m sure it doesn’t mean that ‘have enough money to buy all that you want and be happy’. Cause it’s just not possible.

What about that passion? What about that one thing which you can never even think about giving up? You don’t have to just give up everything for earning as much money as possible. It is important, for living a decent life but material possessions must not be given more importance than what actually matters- relationships, passion and personality. Once lost, money can be earned again. Once lost, a thing can be bought again. But once lost, a part of you is hard to get back. And everything that matters to you and everything you are is a part of you.

Passionate​ people are called crazy, but they’re the ones who are actually happy. They might not care about stuff like what kind of reputation will it create for them, but they care about all the things which an ordinary, boring person driven by no desire doesn’t. They care about others and their goal isn’t to just get a job and earn money and buy that certain thing which their friend has. They think with their brains, but follow their heart. And those, my friends, are the best kind of people.

If you want to be extraordinary, do extraordinary. It takes nothing to blend in with the crowd, but it does take everything to stand alone. Great things are achieved by those who don’t even look at the ordinary twice. And those great things aren’t fame or money, they are love, respect and kindness. If today someone wants to be an artist or a dancer or even a collector, there won’t be many who would support them. But if they’re the kind to follow their hearts, they’ll walk on that path alone and acheive what they desire. These are the kind of people who stand out- the ones who follow their true calling. The ones who don’t care what the world says. The ones who aren’t afraid to show who they are.

Luna Lovegood wasn’t the brightest witch of her age, but she sure was the most extraordinary one. Facebook wouldn’t be there today if Mark Zuckerberg hadn’t followed his heart. Disney wouldn’t have been there if it weren’t for Walt Disney’s determination. There would be no light if Thomas Edison had given up so easily.

So, the next time you feel stressed thinking about what you’re gonna do when you grow up, think about what all you love. You’ll find the answer.

-C ❤


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  1. Anju Makhija says:

    Beautiful lines


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