3 Values I Live By. 

 All of us live by some values. There is a certain set of principles everyone follows and sticks to, no matter what. I think one should do so, because they act like a pillar, especially when one is in a dilemma. 

  1. Respect yourself, before you expect others to do so.

It is a very popular saying that if you want to be respected, you should respect yourself first. And that is true. If you can’t believe in yourself, if you can’t respect yourself, then you mustn’t expect others to do the same because something comes true only when you make it true and that is only possible by believing. Only and only if you believe in yourself and are confident about yourself, you will give that vibe and nobody would think of you any less than what you are      

2. Those who matter, don’t mind, and those who mind, don’t matter.

THAT, my friends, is the key to happiness. When you lose someone who matterred a lot to you just because of a small misunderstanding on their part, you must understand that if they had known you well enough or if they were sensitive enough, they would’ve been more considerate and understood your actual intentions. Those who actually know you and care about you will be the ones who will always be by your side till the end of time and the ones who just show that they care will show their real colours with time and that would be the moment where you would realise that they were never actually the people you’d want to be with. Those will be the people who will force you to believe that there is nobody is trustworthy, but the truth is that the ones standing by your side will be the ones who will hold your hand and tell you that’s it’s gonna be okay. Those are the ones that are worth holding on to.

3. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

This motto helps me get over sadness faster. If you’re fully aware of and understand the problem from all perspectives, it won’t take too much time to solve it or just get over it. You’ll eventually realise that whatever happened, it was for the better only. If you hadn’t gone through a bad time, you wouldn’t have known the value of the good ones. Also, you must constantly tell themselves ‘This too shall pass’ or ‘I’ll get through this’ , just like you’ve sailed through bad times earlier. Remember, you are not the only one who has problems, everyone does. So pull up those socks, and deal with it.

Don’t change just because someone wants you to. Change because each new day gives you a chance to become a better version of yourself. 

-C ♥


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