Being a Female.

Though the day is about to end, still… Women’s day is what I’m going to write about today. 

Our society has come a long way, in terms of gender equality. We all know how it used to be, and how it is. And it is really upsetting that we have still have to celebrate women’s day. 

Even though equality is there in most of the sphere of life, still the orthodox thinking has plagued the minds of a lot of people. And I’m not saying this because I think women deserve ‘better’, but they deserve ‘equal’. Yes, the pay gaps, the responsibilities, the name-calling, the gender-role-expectations are a reminder that what we have achieved is good, but we’re far from our target. 

I’d also like to mention that being a female isn’t easy, neither is being a male. Both the sexes, from a very young age, have to face a lot of problems and the females taking all the pain is just a misconception of some people. On the other hand, the harsh truth is that everybody thinks that they’re doing a great thing by treating females like things, like they have no feelings. You know what it is like to listen to people say ‘you’re acting like a girl’s or ‘its the girls who cry, not boys’. Dearest society, Barbie dolls are not the only toys made for girls, and racing cars are not made only for boys. Girls aren’t meant to stay home after night just because ‘the society is spoilt’. Sorry. We’re not something you can keep inside a cage. We don’t always want your attention. We’re not just about make-up and dresses. We’re about us. We’re about being smart, sensitive, independent and everything else a guy can be. 

When a girl cry’s, she isn’t being an emotional and over-sensitive cry baby. When a girl is serious about something, she isn’t overreacting. Because she’s a female, it doesn’t give you the right to treat her any less. ‘EQUAL’ does not mean empowering one gender and slowly getting biased, it means same opportunity and treatment to all. And that is why it is sad that we have to celebrate women’s day every year. 

Why should there be a day dedicated to her and not him? Why a day when we show how independent we actually are? Why can’t everyday be a women’s and men’s day? I’m desperately waiting for the day when we no more have to assign a day to celebrate the spirit of a woman. 

Dear future generations, I promise that I’ll work to the best of my capabilities to make that day a reality, because I do not want the future to be like this, where she is the victim and he is the hero. I want the future to see that she is as much of a hero, as he is. 

-C ♥


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  1. Anju Makhija says:

    Inspiring 😘


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