Learning…or Mastering ?

Remember the time you performed exceptionally in the exams? I’m sure you do. 

Now remember what you learnt, or I should say memorized, before that superb exam? I’m sure you don’t (At least 95%). 

Today, we are living in a society where scoring is the only key to success. And what comes next, is forgetting everything which helped you score. We are living in a time where our report card defines who we are. But why? Why is each 14 year old’s report card based on the same assessment, when we are different individuals? THAT is a question, which needs to be answered. 

What inspired me to write this post was a TED Talk by Sal Khan, the founder of Khan Academy. What he has highlighted in that Talk, is something which needs to be thought about. 

Each of us have a set of skills which is distinct. Yet, we are made to study the same things at the same pace. Why? Because we are of the same age! The idea itself, is rather illogical, from my perspective. Learn what you are taught, give a test, get marks which tell you how well have you learnt and move on to the next topic. Where is that stage where we correct and ‘learn’ from our mistakes so that they aren’t repeated in the future?

The education system today, definitely teaches us vast things, but not mastery. It is purely based in how much we can memorize and how much of it can we retain till the test, after which we are going to forget each and every word of what we learnt. Now this isn’t going to get us anywhere, because we know a lot of things, remember a little less of them, but aren’t experts not even in one of them. 

Instead of this traditional way of learning, why not a system where slowly, each student gets to master the concept and then move on to the next one and like this, grasp the concept so well that they can’t score less than 100%? In this age of development, we have the resources and the technology to develop the education system as well. So, why only learn, when you can master?

-C ❤ 


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  1. Anju Makhija says:

    Keep it up.I am very proud of you.


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