And the last there ever will be.

So while going through the internet, I came across this beautiful quote. This quote isn’t only an empowering quote, but it is also a quote which motivates me. And that’s why it is ‘QOTD-Quote of the Day’.

To understand the depth of these words, it is essential to change one’s mind-set. Everyone can’t be the same; if they were, there would be nothing unique or extraordinary or even pleasant- everyone would be just the same, without any diversity. In that world, there would be no innovations, no inventions. God knows, we’d be living with the belief that the Earth is flat, or rather, the light bulb most probably wouldn’t have been invented! Harry Potter and Heroes of Olympus wouldn’t have been written, and trust me, people would quickly lose interest in life if amazing works like those didn’t exist.

Dear world, I know you have expectations but sorry, I can’t be the next Einstein or else I would’ve been doing research on something which nobody can think of even in their wildest dreams. I’m not the next Marie Curie, or the next Stephen Hawking or the next Edison or anyone else. These personalities are just beyond comparison; they are such that they can be worshipped for all that they have done for the humankind. The first Simone Biles, the first P.V Sindhu, the first Malala Yousafzai, the first Tajamul Islam are the ‘FIRSTS’ because they have accomplished which anybody else in the rest of the world hasn’t. Ask the name of that stranger walking down the road the next time you bump into them. They are also the first ____(whatever their name is). I also am, not the next of someone else, but the first of myself, and THAT is what makes me the happiest.

-C ❤




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