Bucket Lists and Dreams


So that’s the definition of a bucket list, in case you were wondering.

I’m sure each one of us has a certain number of “experiences” or “achievements” that we hope to accomplish during our lifetime. If you don’t have any, then either you are completely satisfied with your life, or you just can’t see beyond what is there in front of you. But that’s okay, my friend, you still have time to make a nice bucket list for yourself.

I am one of those kind of people who believe in endless possibilities. And trust me when I use the word ENDLESS. So, naturally, I have a very LONG bucket list. And it has all those things which I want to do in my lifetime, and everyday, there is something which I add onto that list. Now, don’t think that I have an actual list, in documented form- cause I don’t. I mean, one of the things I have on my bucket list is to write my bucket list down. Yeah, I know I’m supermoon-ish, but that’s just me.

Dreaming is like breathing, for me at least. It is important and I do it ALL THE TIME. I assure you I’m not from Mars, because it IS possible to dream all the time. And each time I think of something ‘extraordinary’, it becomes into something new, something which nobody else can think of in their wildest dreams. And that is why I like the whole concept of dreams; nobody else in the world can take them away from you. They are ENTIRELY yours.

A year gives you 365 opportunities (366, if it’s a leap year) to do what you haven’t done the (your age)x365 (or 366) days of your life. Why not do something new each day, at least 100 new days of your life? Why not try to give shape to those thoughts which have occupied your mind for ages? Only when you make one of your dreams come true, will you know that you are capable of something. Only when you check-off that one item off your bucket list, will you know that you can accomplish your dreams.

All those who say that dreaming is a waste of time, or it is just fictitious, are those people who are actually afraid. They are afraid to show themselves, not the world, that extraordinary things ARE possible. Why be afraid of dreaming, when you aren’t afraid of the reality? Being scared pushes you a hundred steps back from where you are. Know, that if it is in your mind, it is worth the risk.

In the end, follow your dreams. They know the way.


-C ❤


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